1 year ago
Choice and Truth

I'm giving you all some homework: tomorrow, smile at someone you don't know. Feel free to report back after and tell me what happened and how the rest of your day was. ❤

Our world today...

2 years ago
Otter News


Just hanging out with my Otter..

2 years ago
Samy Irssak

Hugs are good. For so many reasons. It literally reduces anxiety. Embrace the hug!

Video Credit: Arian Planet

2 years ago
Cat Lovers

A cat. It's cat cat cat.???

Cat owners know the struggle! ?????

2 years ago
ShamballaBySara (@ShamballaBySara) posted a photo on Twitter

Download a Bear! https://t.co/NnWHUXb0te Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear https://t.co/kfh6QHzATc

Get the whole picture - and other photos from ShamballaBySara

2 years ago
The Investigative

[Video] Former CBS Journalist Reveals How Astroturfing And Media Manipulation Works: http://anonhq.com/45417-2/

2 years ago
Nyheter24 TV

Som mig dem här veckan. Brrr.

Nån som deppar nu?

2 years ago
The Mancunian Tribe Series

Good 'ol Manchester.

Ged King Manchester's Barber for the homeless. Out on the street with Ged. We find out what inspires his work. The winter appeal is now underway and sleeping bags and rucksack donations can be ... See more

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