Too much choice…

Is it only me who thinks there is too much choice these days? Let’s take a little tour around my one bedroom house.

Let’s start in the in the bedroom. I always think ‘God, I’ve got not nothing to wear’ and I desperately need new clothes. But do I? Today I had a big clean up operation of our washing and wardrobe. I clear a massive IKEA bag out with clothes that are not suitable for this season or they are to small but I might loose weight and fit in them soon. So I was sat there folding and realise that we have got so much clothes when all of it is clean it doesn’t fit in the wardrobe. And it made me think that all this choice actually causes me anxiety. Remember the days when people had one set of ‘nice’ clothes to be worn on Sundays and on special occasions. I kind of wish life was more like that in general. All these choices often leave me unable to do anything or make a decision.

Come, come; let’s carry on into to leaving room. I’ve got around 100 channels to choose from on the tv. Problem is there is nothing on worth watching on a single one of them. Are we tricked into thinking that a lot of choice makes us happier? I’m sat there flicking through the channels, aimlessly staring in front of me, anxiously chasing after satisfying some sort of need that is somehow never fulfilled. Maybe that is because there is actually no real need that is looking to be satisfied. It’s all made up. I mean, there is certainly no cave man inside me who has a need to watch something on tv or have a wide variety of clothes that I can choose from. Same with my bookcase/ Kindle. I have an obsession with buying books. When will I have time to read them???

Where should we head next? Kitchen. Now here is where the environmental pitfalls of choice really gets serious. Seriously, I might starve to death today as there is NOTHING in. I swear. NOTHING. Right? Oh wait…. Actually the freezer is full and so are the cupboards. Actually come to think of it I have got at least 4 different types of cereal. I’ve got Cheerios, bran-flakes, normal Kellogg’s Cornflakes and Fruit ‘n Fibre. Is all that cereal going to get eaten before they taste like cardboard? Probably not. And let’s not even talk about the vegetable situation.

And I think this is were my problem is, I feel that too much choice creates waste. It might be wasted food or wasted time. Too much choice create indecision and it makes us feel useless. How am I suppose to be a good, caring, giving citizen of society when I can’t even choose what cereal to have. When I think I don’t have anything to wear even though my clothes don’t even fit where they should. It causes anxiety and stress over things that are actually not that important to us.

What’s the answer then? I’m not sure exactly, but sometimes it’s handy to take a step back and assess what choices are actually worth making. What do we need in life to make us happy. I’m pretty sure it’s not 100 of crappy tv channels that all show Masterchef on repeat. Basically, a lot of options does not equal quality. Apart from shoes of course, no such thing as too many shoes.

Or you can just do what Calvin does;