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Welcome to Shamballa By Sara!

I have been interested in the human psyche for as long as I can remember. Even as I young teenager I found films such as Silance of the Lambs incredibly fascinating. What causes a human being to commit evil acts? Are you born evil? If you are, how responsible can you be held for evil actions? I never really believed anyone is born evil  and I still don’t. What I do believe in is a combination of a genetic predisposition to certian mental illnesses, social and physical environment, brain injuries and traumatic events can cause a perfect storm. I simply believe in nature AND nurture. I believe that your mind, body and spirit needs to be in balance.

Professionally I have got a BSc in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University and a MA in Counselling from University of Manchester. I run an online counselling clinic with experience in working with depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, incest and issues around sexuality amongst many other issues that can makes us feel out of balance.

I am very spiritual person and at the moment I’m really into trying to teach myself to think positive and spread cosmic love. I may sound a bit like a hippy but it is proving essential for my own survival. I am a natural empathic, humble but compassionate person and counsellor. I like honest and believe humour has an important place in life. Most of all I have a bottles hunger for knowledge and believe you can learn new things everywhere, you just have to listen in places not normally considered places of eduction.

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